Grown ups are donkeys- Be like this little ones.

A lot folks clearly out grow their simple character of quality in attitude, all in the name of growing up. who does that, you don’t grow up, you go old, go wise, staying through like a child-who is ever forgiving, patient, Innocent and always truthful with a faith much bigger than a mustard seed, people of this age articulate maturity as getting their way of situations no matter how duty it plays out, causing more damage to themselves, environment most unfortunately – the people around them, who loves them.

The kingdom of God is like this little children, that a statement of fact, some of us would never come into the reality of purpose because we are so grown up. it takes simplicity to bring forth quality, the world seems complicated just in our complex minds- check through every thing you see or do- are basically not complex, there are just a modification from the simple basics. the entrance of God’s word give-nth light and understanding to the simple, all a child does is cry when hungry and attention is given immediately – simplicity, stop complicating everything, education, relationships,beliefs, freedom,right,race,politics,religion,love, worst of all grace. (complexity proven in our my mind process has robbed us more than we can imagine). just develop the kiddish characters in you that keeps you simple, wisdom and strength. the enemy that you live to fight is the complexity of your mind – it ruins you. stay simple, be yourself – BE HUMUS .

First blog post

The exact moment, I lost myself was the same timeline i misplaced my purpose – guess what happened next, a dynamite blast was better off cause it’s absence brought about the worst feelings of unsatisfactory needs and emptiness – exactly why most people commit suicide. Don’t ever lose you,cause it marks the beginning of your end. Find the sunrise and stick to him- it’s a person.

Set lose to make free.