Does it Matter?

Until you intentionally distrust the existence of the obstacles before you, you cannot trust the existence of God within you. Knowing who to bow to, clearly determines who rules over you and all you possess. He that’s in you is greater than he that is the world.

Being intimate with God is defined by a course of total Surrender to his absolute and undivided intentions: by letting go. Intimacy is less categorized into steps and state or levels yet it spits into a rare opportunity in God’s original intent for us all.

This is stimulated by relationship only and nothing more, not even a virtue or gift can prompt such a romance with his spirit: unless he finds you worthy – you can’t be intimate with him.

Does he want to be intimate with you? Obviously yes, his heart beats for that, your existence around his purpose keeps him uniquely real and pleased.

He is the apprehend-er – yet the pursuer – always running after you, wishing you compromise from your mislead lifestyle of wronged-vision and displacement of purpose.

He trust you so much that he believes your return day is so close that he waits in the cold watching from a distance as your shadow prostrate from the midi line reflection from the sun, so as he can run towards you, with a ring in his hand to put on your finger bringing your back to your exact place of son ship and a belt for loins, a shoes for your feet to get hold of your foundation, so amazing is his face on you showering from his heart to the phases of your life love and Grace abundantly alongside the (gift) of righteousness.

An expression of unspeakable emotion of his nature is the exact reaction released to you at your submission. Relationship is doggedly tested to stand the fierce of time and the pain of and from the world.

Relationship will cost you especially with that of God and you, comes a time you may clearly need to step out or off your guard to nestle the choices you have made or will make, where you need to say who and whose you are, well will  you stick through to your faith or will you veer.

Being decisive describes your source and your place of authority “because your place of authority shows or indicates your source: the origin of your river. For out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water declares the Lord your God.

Find it, stir it up. Stay on him for your intimacy with him, because in him you live, move and have your being, he needs you just as much as you need him but these times do the chasing and pursuit. It will change your (Aions) world forever because it’s called Worship. He will draw you in – I promise.






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