The Good Friday – Is it?

The good Friday,

“whats good about it? clearly a day which shows how much pain could be lashed on a human for a crime he didn’t commit,

been torn apart for a doing right, living true and stand on what he believe, what injustice

by the so called leaders, the flustering in-ability of Pilate or the uncertainty of Cesar, no wait a second the wicked and dubious Herod with no intention of facing the truth about his wrongs.

the set of folks crying out loud for him to be killed in place of a criminal, an indication of the world at large in its stupidity and disorder.

finding satisfactions in a dying man, misunderstood for love, hated for right, killed for who he is, shamed in despair on a course and penalty that wasn’t his but ours.

nailed and left wasted to die, what wickedness from men, he dearly loved, so painful to picture and imagine, guess that what is good about the Friday : that he took  our place, becoming the prey of our fallacy yet took it with love, bleed and was buried so as you don’t have to perish. what a beauty, a heart of overflowing love and kindness.

its his nature, and am glad he did, so grateful to know he did to set us free and he rose from the grave, thereby letting lose abilities and grace to those who only believe.

So find yourself today in him, for that’s the essence he died.

The Good Friday.


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