Truth: is a person.

Staying where you are only reflects your objectives for been too comfortable with your present,” stepping out is the only language faith understands”, Faith through life, doubt your worries and see how still you become at equal frequency with God’s ability released to your disposal. For without faith its impossible to please God. there is clearly one thing impossible for God – He can’t lie because He is truth Himself – just believe.

I refuse to be subjected to my feelings, because its a rhythm of my mind distracted in itself, shaking out is just the basic action needed for getting out, dry and and confident in all you set out to do or lays your hands on, just do it ‘Nike says’ – do you know that the original interpretation for Nike is victory? just do it, not doing it is a constraint of your ability and gifts to perfection and a waste of time- when you kill time, you bury opportunity. If you can think it, you can become it by working it out by a step of faith, trust me the hardest work about become efficient in purpose is clearly not the work – but thinking and creating the thoughts. the rest is a done case,stay strong but don’t stay there – Move.


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