First blog post

The exact moment, I lost myself was the same timeline i misplaced my purpose – guess what happened next, a dynamite blast was better off cause it’s absence brought about the worst feelings of unsatisfactory needs and emptiness – exactly why most people commit suicide. Don’t ever lose you,cause it marks the beginning of your end. Find the sunrise and stick to him- it’s a person.

Set lose to make free.

The Good Friday – Is it?

The good Friday,

“whats good about it? clearly a day which shows how much pain could be lashed on a human for a crime he didn’t commit,

been torn apart for a doing right, living true and stand on what he believe, what injustice

by the so called leaders, the flustering in-ability of Pilate or the uncertainty of Cesar, no wait a second the wicked and dubious Herod with no intention of facing the truth about his wrongs.

the set of folks crying out loud for him to be killed in place of a criminal, an indication of the world at large in its stupidity and disorder.

finding satisfactions in a dying man, misunderstood for love, hated for right, killed for who he is, shamed in despair on a course and penalty that wasn’t his but ours.

nailed and left wasted to die, what wickedness from men, he dearly loved, so painful to picture and imagine, guess that what is good about the Friday : that he took  our place, becoming the prey of our fallacy yet took it with love, bleed and was buried so as you don’t have to perish. what a beauty, a heart of overflowing love and kindness.

its his nature, and am glad he did, so grateful to know he did to set us free and he rose from the grave, thereby letting lose abilities and grace to those who only believe.

So find yourself today in him, for that’s the essence he died.

The Good Friday.

Truth: is a person.

Staying where you are only reflects your objectives for been too comfortable with your present,” stepping out is the only language faith understands”, Faith through life, doubt your worries and see how still you become at equal frequency with God’s ability released to your disposal. For without faith its impossible to please God. there is clearly one thing impossible for God – He can’t lie because He is truth Himself – just believe.

I refuse to be subjected to my feelings, because its a rhythm of my mind distracted in itself, shaking out is just the basic action needed for getting out, dry and and confident in all you set out to do or lays your hands on, just do it ‘Nike says’ – do you know that the original interpretation for Nike is victory? just do it, not doing it is a constraint of your ability and gifts to perfection and a waste of time- when you kill time, you bury opportunity. If you can think it, you can become it by working it out by a step of faith, trust me the hardest work about become efficient in purpose is clearly not the work – but thinking and creating the thoughts. the rest is a done case,stay strong but don’t stay there – Move.


A broken mind rules beyond it’s limits, its a limitless experience – right at the spot where everything seems off your control and you lack expressions to describe how you feel or a phrase to your co-complexities. Invaded with different occurrences of pain and misunderstanding caused to us by those we cared about could leave you broken and in despair. But There stands out a Being who leads you broken and  he becomes more real to you at your submission to him. Brokenness is your point of becoming the exact produce of your destiny and purpose.

I stand corrected, your breaking moments were not designed to devour you but to make you. Don’t miss out in this experience, it’s the comfort to your brokenness.

The who Am not – “the other side of the story”


Depending on the subject questioned, there’s always two sides to a story, a couple of times we have made waves to the side most pleasant to our feelings due to lack of patience.There are two sides to my DE-grieving story,

there two side to my lost and judged self,  which only you see because that all you could see,a polluted, agonizes being, filled with hatred to life and its streams, you clearly saw through me, yet that wasn’t the whole story, you knew exactly what you saw and perceive me as ,but that wasn’t me, it was made up, an imagination of an invincible twin that was rootless, sad, stormed around with pain and anxiety not knowing what to do or even how to do good to other, i was selfish, you were lacerated by me,  without remorse and i didn’t even care.

there are two side of the story, if you had waited patiently to see in object clarity the other side of the story ,you may have comprehended the switch in my personality – because it wasn’t me, though it spoke like me, walked like me, sang,ate,dressed like me, it was cover up story made up because i wasn’t confident of my original being and didn’t know how to connect to my source, but i changed, if you can patiently read through the rhythms of my heart, so as i can flip off those pages of hurt i caused you with a sweet melody of string flowing from spirit.

I wish you waited, you would have known this for yourself, that i am not who i used to be, am free and back to my default – cause i know who i am, am bought with a price and was washed by the blood of a superior being who loved me and gave up himself for me, so i don’t care what you think of me – Am different. I hate the person you knew me as but am also grateful to him cause : without all those fictions i won’t have discovered me.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. How many people have you written off because you weren’t indulgent enough to listen to the other side of their story, what you see in people goes a long way to describe what exactly you possess, see people the way the ought to be seen, that is ” perfect and intelligent and wonderfully created creatures.” Stay positive.


Grown ups are donkeys- Be like this little ones.

A lot folks clearly out grow their simple character of quality in attitude, all in the name of growing up. who does that, you don’t grow up, you go old, go wise, staying through like a child-who is ever forgiving, patient, Innocent and always truthful with a faith much bigger than a mustard seed, people of this age articulate maturity as getting their way of situations no matter how duty it plays out, causing more damage to themselves, environment most unfortunately – the people around them, who loves them.

The kingdom of God is like this little children, that a statement of fact, some of us would never come into the reality of purpose because we are so grown up. it takes simplicity to bring forth quality, the world seems complicated just in our complex minds- check through every thing you see or do- are basically not complex, there are just a modification from the simple basics. the entrance of God’s word give-nth light and understanding to the simple, all a child does is cry when hungry and attention is given immediately – simplicity, stop complicating everything, education, relationships,beliefs, freedom,right,race,politics,religion,love, worst of all grace. (complexity proven in our my mind process has robbed us more than we can imagine). just develop the kiddish characters in you that keeps you simple, wisdom and strength. the enemy that you live to fight is the complexity of your mind – it ruins you. stay simple, be yourself – BE HUMUS .